Saturday, October 29, 2011

WxService Update Available

  • WxMonitor ow4j111028
    • Added support for new Java 7 features (ow4j111028 requires Java 7)
  • WxService ow4j111028
    • Added support for new Java 7 features (ow4j111028 requires Java 7)
    • Modified configuration file format to support n-th order curve fit calibration
    • Enhanced 1-Wire A/D data access to support a wider range of sensors
Device offset and slope properties will need to be migrated to the new .calibration properties. The .calibration properties support n-th order curve fit. Each term is separated by a semicolon, so a;b;c;d; represents the coefficients in the expression
    y = a*x^0 + b*x^1 + c*x^2 + d*x^3
and so on, where x is the raw sensor data, and y is the converted value. The coefficients a and b represent offset and slope, respectively, and c and d and beyond represent higher order curve fit coefficients. Normally, offset and slope will be sufficient, but if you have more precise calibration data, the new format will support it.

Your old calibration settings will not be used anymore, but updating WxService will not destroy them either, so you can simply find them in the WxMonitor Configuration panel and copy them to the new .calibration properties, in the new format.


Note: Java 7 is not available yet on the general Java download site. If you want to get Java 7, you need to download it from here. WxService only requires the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). You do not need to install the Java Development Kit (JDK) unless you plan to develop Java software.

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