Wednesday, February 19, 2014

WxService Update Available

WxService ow4j140219

  • Added support for WeatherBug publishing. To use the WeatherBug formatter, first register your station, and then follow the WxService setup instructions for expanding the zip file into your preferred location, and start WxMonitor. Switch to the Configuration tab and change weatherbug.formatter.password to the value you selected when you registered your Backyard weather station. Set to the station ID that you received when you registered your station. Set weatherbug.formatter.station.number to the station number you received when you registered your station. Finally, add WeatherBug.formatter to wxservice.formatter.task.names (separated by semicolons), and click "Apply". The WeatherBug formatter transmits weather data to WeatherBug servers every five minutes (300000 msec) by default. You can change this by editing the weatherbug.formatter.interval property. One second is 1000 msec and one minute is 60000 msec.
  • Added code to explicitly set all temperature sensors to maximum resolution. This does not guarantee that any sensor will actually deliver higher resolution, and most 1-Wire devices are supposed to operate at maximum resolution by default. This is just an attempt to ensure the highest resolution.

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