Friday, March 16, 2012

Classic Amp -- Updated PCB, and Why Not?

Ok, so I updated the PCB yet again. Check it out:
Classic Amp PCB - Click to Enlarge
What did I do? Well, I flipped the transistors Q7, Q9, Q11 and Q13 on the bottom half the board, so that they're a mirror image of Q6, Q8, Q10 and Q12 on the top half. It is now beautifully symmetrical, and the positive and negative pulling devices will have as similar a layout as is physically possible. There's just one problem: Q12 & Q13 are facing opposite directions. Too bad the transistor manufacturers didn't consider this when they made complementary devices - duh! I have it figured out, though: I'm going to sandwich both devices between two heat sinks. Pure symmetry, Captain! You'll just have to wait for the snapshot of the prototype to see what I have planned.

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