Thursday, July 18, 2013

WxService Update Available

WxMonitor ow4j130713

  • Added a status bar message string "Downloading 24 hour sensor backlog from %s.", where %s is the URL of the WxService. This provides an indication that the initial backlog of sensor data has not yet been received. On a fast network, you may not get a chance to view this message. On a slow network (e.g., being served from a host that is running behind a DSL connection), it could take up to a minute to catch up.

WxService ow4j130713

  • Changed getSensorData to return all data for the last 24 hours, if the time argument is 0. This is the case when WxMonitor has not received any prior data (as on startup). This change allows WxMonitor to accurately reflect the minimum and maximum readings, and fill all of the averaging buffers on startup. 
This may seem like a step backwards in performance, but it is a major improvement in accuracy. I think accuracy beats the illusion of performance without the accuracy, every time.


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