Sunday, July 28, 2013

WxService Update Available

WxMonitor ow4j130728

  • Made WxMonitor animate the backlog of sensor events missed since the last update. In the case of WxMonitor initial start-up, if WxService has been running for 24 hours or more, the past 24 hours' events will be animated. If the computer running WxMonitor has been sleeping or hibernating, the animation will cover the duration that the computer was offline, or 24 hours, whichever is lesser. It takes about 30 seconds to animate 24 hours worth of data, and it's entertaining and informative to watch.
  • Widened the buttons on the Configure tab and the Add Property dialog to provide more room when running on Open JDK under Linux, which uses boldface for the dialog font button labels. They didn't fit in the allotted space. A future update will also address a similar problem with the text field labels.

WxService ow4j130728

  • Updated WxService to use OWAPI library version 1.11, which includes support for 64-bit 1-Wire drivers when installed on a 64-bit operating system. (Note: for some reason, the Dallas/Maxim OWAPI library is still tagged with version 1.11, so I'm not sure how one can tell which library is actually present by looking at the WxService logs.)

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